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Perfection is an illusion.
unteachable || gabe&aria

So, quite honestly, carnivals had never really been Aria’s thing. She was more the girl to stay inside when any get-together involved, well, more than three people. So that was probably the reason why, as she slipped through the crowds littering the streets that night with her hands shoved into her pockets and her jacket wrapped tightly around her petite frame, she gained a few strange looks. It wasn’t that big a town; everybody knew everybody, which meant that she wasn’t exactly surprised at the amused glances she got; and some almost pitying, more than anything, due to how reserved she’d been in the past few years. Ever since her dad died she’d been even more of a hermit, if that was possible. And her dad’s band used to play on the stage in the town square, every annual town carnival; so understandably, although her mother and her brother had braved the tradition pretty soon after his passing, she’d usually stay cooped up indoors with her blinds drawn and the TV on loud enough to disable the sounds of her own thoughts.

No, it wasn’t surprising - but it was still embarrassing. And that was why her head was down, gaze fixed on the floor as she swerved in between drinking townsfolk to make her way toward where she knew her family were at a local friend’s house. However, that probably wasn’t such a good idea now she thought about it, after a callous misjudgement of distance sent her crashing into a taller, stronger individual on her way.
Shit,” she breathed out before she could really stop the vulgarism, her eyes widening as she quickly looked back up to apologize. “I’m so sorry, I-I wasn’t looking. Gosh, I’m sorry.”